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Currently unavavlable: On a gap year in Australia. Soaking up sun and saving money for shiny woodworking tools...and a boat.


Using traditional furniture making techniques I create high quality furniture with salvaged and locally sourced materials. I'm inspired by the resourcefulness and ingenuity of people across the globe who are forced to use the materials that are available to them.  


Modern society has a warped and narrow view on what materials have value. We throw away and waste so many materials because we cannot see the value of them. I like to use the materials  that would have otherwise been scraped, burnt, left to rot away or just plane unnoticed.  


It's also important for me to support local industry so where possible I source much of my wood from local sawmills that source locally.


Although I enjoy designing my own work the most important part of my work is the process of making it. All modern and tradition techniques of furniture making are based upon the same basic principles. So although I have my own style I am happy to work with other styles.